Modular Grow Facilities

For centuries, controlled environment farming has been practiced all around the world. With increasing climate changes, creating the perfect atmosphere and installing proper ventilation is now imperative for an indoor growing ecosystem.

MiFarmPod™ is a “plug and grow” encasement with complete HVAC, electrical and lighting control. With experienced product design and engineering, MiFarmPod creates a consistent, repeatable environment by regulating temperature, humidity, air movement, CO2, and filtration. This results in a cleaner and more hygienic biosphere that can produce an optimal growth opportunity.

  • Vertical Farming with optimal space for plant growth Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) practice Provided protection and optimal conditions Energy efficient Tax benefits (accelerated depreciation)
  • MIFarmPod-28-scaled
    Increased yields by controlling: Temperature Humidity (%RH) Carbon dioxide (CO2) Light (intensity, spectrum, duration and intervals) Nutrient concentration Nutrient pH (acidity) Control pests, pathogens and contaminants*

    *MiFarmPod™ increases plant safety and product purity by removing sources of contamination with its proprietary filtering system, which is built into the MiFarmPod™ ductwork.

  • Web-based computer control, operation, and monitoring Cost saving LED lights Air filtration from pests, contaminants, and odor
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