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Headquartered in Fenton, Michigan, MiFarmPod™ is a division of Miller Industries, LLC. We proudly serve clients locally and internationally. Our turnkey modular indoor growing systems are ideal for the agricultural industry of any size. Designed for speed to market, MiFarmPod™ is quicker than a traditional build and can have you growing in as little as 24 weeks. Custom built in various sizes for commercial use and year-round operation, the units are equipped with integrated lighting, energy efficient high-performance HVAC systems, and state-of-the-art precision web-based controls. Boasting innovative designs and unparalleled performance, MiFarmPod™ Modular Grow Facilities allow for maximum growth and crop success.
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We design, manufacture, install, and provide service for all MiFarmPod™ Modular Grow Facilities.

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Modular growing systems for the cannabis industry.

  • In a controlled environment, proper ventilation is imperative to a successful grow.

    Units are 1500 sqft.
    Clean room vestibule with interconnecting doors between each unit
    Scalable, energy-efficient, engineered HVAC systems
    Advanced filtration system

Built for commercial and year-round operation.

  • MiFarmPod™ is a complete sustainable unit for any climate and environment.

    UL certified assembly
    Built to meet International Building Code (IBC)
    Dynamic LED lighting
    Equipped with rolling racks and trays
    Single point power feed
    Stackable and custom configurations available
    Repeatable environment

Innovative designs. Unparalleled performance.

  • Embracing a technology-based approach toward plant production with Controlled Environment Agriculture.

    Electrical and lighting control Security Cameras Web-based unit controls
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